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Buying or selling a home is a huge undertaking not to mention one of the biggest financial investments in your life.  Hiring a professional realtor is one of the best moves you can make to ensure everything goes smoothly.

1.)  There’s a lot more paperwork involved than you would think

There are many regulations that need to be followed while selling or buying a home in Lancaster, PA just as in every state and these are constantly changing.  Realtors are experts in their market and can successfully guide you through all the necessary documents needed to get you your dream home.

2.)You’ve found your dream house …. what do you do now?

Before a real estate transaction can be completed successfully, numerous, complicated steps need to be taken.  Having a realtor there who’s been through all of this before, who can help walk you through everything or better yet handle it for you, will make the whole process all that more painless.

3.) How are your negotiating skills?

Here’s something to consider: are you prepared to negotiate prices, over and over agin with multiple people?  Whether you’re selling your home in Lancaster, PA or elsewhere, you’ll have to deal with not just buyers (all of whom are searching for the best possible value), but also home inspection companies, appraisers and others you will need to be knowledgeable of and able to answer to during the process.  

4.)What is the home in Lancaster, PA you’re buying/selling really worth?

Do you really know how much your home is worth, minus its sentimental value?  Are you certain that the offer you just submitted on your dream home isn’t too high or too low?  Having someone who can give you an accurate indication of a home’s true value is critical when buying or selling a home.  Also keep in mind that homes sold by their owner alone tend to earn significantly less than similar properties sold by realtors, on average between $60,000 to $90,000 less.

5.)  How well do you really know the market?

How well do you feel you really know the market in Lancaster county?  Agents know the market inside and out, allowing them to make educated, knowledgable decisions, leading to a more successful experience.