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Why the Holidays Are a Good Time to Sell a House

When it comes to Lancaster, PA real estate, many people feel the ideal time to sell their home is during the spring months. After all, who wants to be outside during the cold, not to mention many of us are too busy with the holidays to think about purchasing a new home.  There are a lot of benefits to putting your house on the market around the holiday though, assuming you position your home right. One of the best reason is that you’re going to be dealing with serious buyers who are ready to pull the trigger.

There’s Less Inventory

Homes  sold in Lancaster, PA around the holidays don’t only command more money but can also sell quicker than ones listed in the spring. This is for a very simple reason: less competition.  Since most people wait for the spring, there will be less houses for those shopping to choose from, giving your listing more attention and a better opportunity to sell at a higher asking price. 

Buyers Are More Serious

Lancaster, PA real estate over the holidays is going to be comprised mostly of serious buyers. While in the spring, when people may just tour an open house for fun, many less people are likely to do this, since most are just too busy.  If your house is up for sale in the winter and someone is looking at it, chances are that person is serious and is ready to buy. 

You Can Make the Home Warm and Cozy

When you think of the holidays you think hot chocolate, fresh baked cookies and sitting around the fire place. A smart Lancaster, PA Realtor will recommend that you use these things to your advantage and create that comfy vibe which appeals to many home buyers. 

By keeping the heat up, baking something sweet in the oven and making sure that sidewalks and driveways are clear of snow and ice can boost a home’s appeal. Buyers also tend to be more emotional during the holidays and more likely to make decisions based on the how a home makes them feel. 

Timing Is Perfect for Transfers

Job transfers tend to take place at the end of the year and those people are going to need a house sooner rather than later.  Since these buyers can’t wait for the spring, they’re going to be very motived buyers and will be looking at your listing.

Your Neighborhood May Look More Appealing

The last thing any Lancaster, PA Realtor would tell you about the benefits of selling during the holidays is that neighborhoods are often full of festive lights and decorations at this time.  Home buyers during this time may see neighborhoods in a different light and be willing to consider an area that they were unsure of before.